What to do if I forgot my ATM PIN?

What to do if I forgot my ATM PIN?

In case you forgot your ATM PIN, the best course of action is to contact our Support Team right away via any of these SALPay Support Chat Channels. It is much easier for our Support Staff to assist you if you are logged in to your SALPay Wallet or SALPay Corporate Account.

SALPay Website
SALPay Corporate Account
SALPay Wallet Mobile App
via the app
SALPay Web App

You need to provide us with the following details to reset your ATM PIN:
  1. SALPay ID (Where do I find my SALPay ID?)
  2. Unionbank Account Number (Where can I find my UnionBank Account Number?)
  3. Last 6-digits of your SALPay ATM card
  4. Selfie holding a government-issued ID (List of Accepted IDs)

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