How do I sign up for a SALPay Corporate Account?

How do I sign up for a SALPay Corporate Account?


      SALPay Corporate Account allows you to order SALPay Cards, invite payees, load funds, and run payouts. SALPay can be integrated with a company or companies within a Salarium Account to ensure an easier and secure payout. Creating the SALPay Corporate Account requires the Business Owner or the Authorized Representative to initially undergo and fulfill the SALPay Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification Process before proceeding to SALPay Know Your Business (KYB)
      SALPay KYB is a set of practices to verify a business. This step is an extension of KYC laws in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001. This company verification process includes providing business information and government-issued business documents.

To fulfill the KYB Verification Process, follow the set of instructions below:

1. The Business Owner/Authorized Representative should first secure the following requirements for initial KYC:
  1. Government-issued ID - front and back photo
  2. Selfie holding the presented ID
    1. Make sure your ID is not covering a portion of your face
    1. Make sure you are not covering any details of your ID upon holding it
2. Install the SALPay Wallet mobile app from Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.


4. Go to Log in by entering the mobile number and password associated with your SALPay Wallet.
5. Enter the registered Company Name then click on. The Company Name you should enter here should be the one that appears on your company's business documents.

6. Accomplish the required fields under Business Information.

7. Upload the required Business Documents based on your Company Type.

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