Reminders on Uploading the Valid ID

Reminders on Uploading the Valid ID

Here are the things you have to take note of when uploading your valid ID.

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      Here are the things you have to take note of when uploading your Selfie with the ID.
    • How do I know my SALPay KYC Verification status?

      Verification Rejected Possible Reasons for Rejection Inaccurate/Incorrect/Mismatched Profile Information details The uploaded ID is not valid or not included on the list of accepted IDs The uploaded ID is pixelated or not clear enough The uploaded ID ...
    • What to do if my KYC submission has been rejected?

      Upon logging in, you will see the status of your KYC Verification. Seeing "Hooray!" means your submission has been approved and the next steps will be card order or the arrival of your card. However, there are instances that a KYC submission gets ...
    • What to do during KYC Verification?

      What is SALPay KYC? SALPay KYC or SALPay Know Your Customer is a mandatory process of verifying the identity of a user who is about to create a  SALPay Account. The goal of this process is to prohibit any fraudulent activity in using the tool by ...
    • How do I add an employee's payment method details?

      You can only run payouts to verified SALPay users that are included on your Payee List. You can add or invite a payee through your SALPay Corporate Account. Adding or inviting payees can be done individually or by batch under the Payee page of your ...