How do I order cards using Paypal as a payment method?

How do I order cards using Paypal as a payment method?

Ordering SALPay cards can be done through your SALPay Corporate Account. Having sufficient card credits allows you to purchase cards upon inviting payees. Meaning, you as the business owner shoulders the SALPay Card fee for each payee that you are about to invite.

Selecting Paypal as a payment method allows you to pay for the card credits you ordered using your Paypal available balance, debit, or credit card connected to your Paypal account. Upon successful payment, the number of cards credits you ordered will reflect on your SALPay Corporate Account dashboard in real time. 

To order SALPay Cards using Paypal as a payment method, follow these steps:
1. Go to, then enter your mobile number and password associated with your SALPay account.

2. From the Top Navigation, go to Transactions then select Card Management.

3. Click on Order Card.

4. Accomplish the Order Card form by providing the following details:
  1. Card Design
  2. Number of Cards
      The total amount to be paid for the cards automatically reflects upon entering the number of cards you would like to order.
      Click on Next.

You can also order cards in advance, remaining cards will be displayed as available card credits.

5. Provide your Billing Details and Shipping Details.


6. From the payment options, select Paypal.

7.  Clicking on Submit will open a new window that requires you to log in to your Paypal account.

8. Proceed to check out by clicking on Continue.

In case you encounter issues or you need further assistance in ordering cards, reach out to our Support Tea through any of these SALPay Communication Channels.
  1.  SALPay Website through chat-
  2. SALPay Corporate Account through chat:
  3. SALPay Wallet Mobile App
  4. SALPay Web App through chat:
  5. SALPay Support Team Email:  

Secure a screenshot of your Order Card transaction records. You can attach a screenshot of your Order Card Transaction List, Transaction Receipt from Paypal, or any records that prove your Card Order payment has been successful but your card credits were not reflected properly

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