How do I invite payees to SALPay?

How do I invite payees to SALPay?

You can only run payouts to verified SALPay users that are included on your Payee List.  You can add or invite a payee through your SALPay Corporate Account. Adding or inviting payees can be done individually or by batch under the Payee page of your dashboard.

Inviting Payees Individually

1. Go to and enter your SALPay login details.

2. Go to the Payees tab.


3. Click on  Invite Payee.


4. Enter the email address of the payee you are supposed to invite then click the     (Add Button)


    If the invitee is already an active SALPay user, you can enter the payees SALPay Corporate ID as an alternate invitation key ID using this format:

   5. Tick the Purchase Card checkbox to invite the payee that requires a new SALPay card.
   If the invitee is an active SALPay user and the SALPay Card is still valid, you do not have to purchase a new one.
      The payee's existing SALPay card can still be used for ATM Cash Withdrawal.

6. Provide the shipping details then click Invite.


            This message appears once the payee invite was successful.


            This prompt appears if an invitee was invited without a card. Click Send Invite to proceed with the invitation.


Inviting Payees by Batch

1. Go to and enter your SALPay login details.

2. Go to the  Payees tab.


3. Click on  Mass Invite Payee.


4. Click on Download Template to save and download the Mass Invite template on the local drive storage of your device.



5. Open the Mass Invitation CSV Template and accomplish the fields. Save your work and proceed with the upload.


6. Go back to your SALPay Admin Dashboard, then click on Choose File  


      This message appears once the payee invite was successful.


      In case the accomplished template contains an unsupported format or mismatched values, you will see an error message.
      The validation result will also indicate which specific row where errors occur.



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