How do I check the status of my SALPay KYB Verification?

How do I check the status of my SALPay KYB Verification?

Log in to your SALPay Corporate Account to check the status of your KYB Verification. Our compliance team will leave a note regarding the fields that need to be revisited and requirements to be uploaded. You will know that your SALPay Corporate Wallet is already active if you can access the SALPay Corporate Wallet Dashboard.

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    • What to do during SALPay KYB Verification?

      Once you have completed your KYC Verification through the SALPay App, go to to submit your Business Information and required documents based on your company type.
    • How do I know my SALPay KYC Verification status?

      Verification Rejected Possible Reasons for Rejection Inaccurate/Incorrect/Mismatched Profile Information details The uploaded ID is not valid or not included on the list of accepted IDs The uploaded ID is pixelated or not clear enough The uploaded ID ...
    • How do I sign up for a SALPay Corporate Account?

      SALPay Corporate Account allows you to order SALPay Cards, invite payees, load funds, and run payouts. SALPay can be integrated with a company or companies within a Salarium Account to ensure an easier and secure payout. Creating the SALPay Corporate ...
    • How do I create a SALPay Corporate Account for my business?

      Creating the SALPay Corporate Wallet requires the business owner/ one of the business owners to first sign up for a SALPay Personal Account. This requires the business owner to initially undergo and fulfill the SALPay Know Your Customer (KYC) ...
    • How do I load funds to my company's SALPay Corporate Wallet?

      What is Prefunding? Pre-funding is the process followed by a corporate client to fund their SALPay corporate wallet in order to disburse salaries to their employees/payees. It is done through deposits (cash or cheque) or online transfers to a SALPay ...