How do I change my SALPay Wallet 4-digit Passcode?

How do I change my SALPay Wallet 4-digit Passcode?

Your SALPay Wallet's 4-digit Passcode serves as another layer of security to keep your account safe from unauthorized login and transactions.  You are required to enter your passcode each time you exit the app or when the screen is locked. The passcode set is specific to the mobile device you use for logging in to your SALPay Wallet.

If you wish to change your passcode, follow the instructions below:
1.  Click the User Menu  from the bottom-right corner of the screen. Side navigation appears on the right.


2. Click on Change your 4-digit passcode.

3. Enter your new passcode, then click on Continue.

Your 4-digit Passcode does not refer to your SALPay Wallet password or ATM PIN.
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